Oksana Kryzhanivska

Oksana Kryzhanivska is a PhD candidate in the Computational Media and Design graduate program at the University of Calgary, and holds a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture. Her PhD research is at the intersection of art, design, and computer science, which has resulted in publications and exhibitions at the international conferences ISMAR, ISEA, ICME, The Image, and ACM MM. Additionally, Oksana has exhibited around Canada, including at the Niagara Gallery and Whippersnapper Gallery in Toronto, Art Gallery of Grande Prairie and The Nickle Arts Museum in Calgary. Oksana teaches interdisciplinary courses at the University of Calgary, which integrate science and art into undergraduate and graduate students’ creative practices.

As both a researcher and practicing artist, Oksana investigates the cross-influencing of technology and art. This practice inquires into tactile interaction with flesh-like objects in a form of aesthetic experience, encountered by groups of visitors. The artist strives to re-establish human sensory relationships with the current technology by examining the notion of aesthetic experience and sensation in sculpture

Oksana’s professional interests include tactile interaction, embodiment, motion, non-verbal communication, perception, manufacturing process, aesthetic experience, touchable art, haptic technology, projection with anamorphosis, mixed reality, virtual sculpture, artificial intelligence in art, 3D printing, coding, sensory feedback, and electronic art.

Further information: Oksana's Virtual Art Gallery

Oksana's Instagram: @oksanakryzhanivska

Linked-in: ca.linkedin.com/in/oksanaart