From Sensing to Sensation

This project changes fundamental aspects of the visitor’s interaction, making it distinct from art installations and interactive musical compositions. It bridges art and science by integrating artistic and musical practice to create an interface that is both a tactile sculpture and a musical instrument.

In this project visitors are not expert performers, as in a music performance, nor are they passive observers, as in many installations. The work requires active participation and play on the visitor’s part to re-create artist’s work and explore the system’s potential. However this is not a skilled interaction; rather it is a process of discovery, easy experimentation and learning.

Interaction with the sculptural instrument aims to evoke the sensation of being outside the sculpture at first, and then being immersed in rich sonic textures, as if transported inside the sculpture. Triggered by touch on the sculptural surface, sound emanates from within the sculpture and then is transformed and transferred into the surrounding generated soundscapes. The visitor will be able to make the connection between the surface friction triggering the close sounds within the sculpture, followed by physical movement of the sculpture and motion in the space, altering the sonic material in the surrounding loudspeakers.

Touch Sound Art Team